Doc Watkins

Lois & Bob Masteller – Founders

The Jazz Corner

Step into a world of timeless charm and cultural refinement at The Jazz Corner, an iconic and award-winning jazz club and restaurant on Hilton Head Island that has enchanted fine music and cuisine connoisseurs since 1999.

How It All Started

This Hilton Head Island establishment is the beloved brainchild of the late jazz luminary and historian Bob Masteller, who was inspired by the soul-stirring melodies and lively atmosphere of the jazz clubs he frequented as a young man in the Northeastern United States.
Bob created The Jazz Corner to provide a classic jazz club experience with perfect sound quality and a great culture—from every angle.

Infused with Bob’s visionary spirit and creative passion, The Jazz Corner has emerged as a premier destination for music lovers and foodies alike, an exquisite Lowcountry landmark that exudes elegance, intimacy, and sophistication.

Here, the finest entertainment from around the globe is expertly paired with sumptuous, Southern-inspired cuisine, elevating the senses and evoking the essence of the jazz age with every note and bite.


Bob Masteller’s lifelong dream to open a jazz club came to fruition on March 30th, 1999.
He envisioned his club to open with the esteemed George Shearing Quintet so, he wrote a letter to Sir George with his request and the jazz icon agreed! The George Shearing Quintet performed opening week and the rest is history…

At first, the club operated five days a week with traveling acts coming in for the entire five-day span. The Lowcountry community is rich in culture and sensational musical artists. It was Bob’s vision to also offer a home to many amazing artists that resided in the Lowcountry. The Jazz Corner now features regional artists Sunday through Thursday and touring regional, national and international artists every Friday and Saturday.

Since the club’s humble beginnings, The Jazz Corner has garnered countless accolades over the years, including a coveted spot among the top 12 music venues in the country, as designated by the discerning tastemakers of Yelp.

Esteemed publications such as Downbeat Magazine have also recognized The Jazz Corner as one of the world’s most distinguished jazz clubs, a testament to its unparalleled musical prowess and reputation.

Beyond its sterling reputation for excellence, The Jazz Corner is also a beloved community institution, founded by Bob and his wife Lois to support and nurture the musical talent of young people in the Lowcountry and beyond.

The Junior Jazz Foundation, their visionary nonprofit organization, is dedicated to preserving and promoting jazz education and performance, ensuring this timeless art form remains a vibrant part of our cultural heritage for generations to come.

Doc Watkins

Bob Masteller – Founder & Jazz Musician

The Legacy

Today, Bob’s legacy lives on through the unwavering commitment of his family, including his wife Lois and son David, who carry forth his visionary ideals with grace and passion. David also plays the upright bass in The Jazz Corner Ensemble on stage every Tuesday night.
David has introduced new technology and a fresh perspective to the club, but many traditions have continued, such as the owners’ nightly greeting of guests and the New Orleans march with the horns throughout the crowd to end the shows.

Bob always welcomed every guest into The Jazz Corner as though he was welcoming them into his home. Today, The Jazz Corner is a testament to this next-level hospitality as well as the enduring power of dreams and the limitless potential of the human spirit:

A place where joy, creativity, and community converge in perfect harmony.

So come, savor the magic of The Jazz Corner on Hilton Head Island, and discover the enchanting world of jazz and swing as it was meant to be experienced.

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Doc Watkins

Dave Masteller – Owner & Jazz Musician


Grand Piano

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